Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Magazine Drive.

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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

I read this really awesome book this week and it inspired me to write a short story. Thanks to Shantelle(Between the Pages of this Bookish Life) for editing and revising my story. hope you enjoy

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the book the inspired this story

Tornado the dragon

Back in the days of gods, demons, and heroes there lived a great Dragon who, unlike other dragons, was not greedy or evil but kind and wise. He lived in a grand castle on the great plains of the earth. He was considered so wise the gods sometimes asked him for advice and men revered and worshiped him.
    Now Zeus saw this and was not pleased because all manner of beings that he had created had left him for the knowledge of the wise dragon. Zeus knew he could not kill the dragon as it would become a martyr and he would likely be overthrown because many of the gods looked up to the dragon for guidance in their troubles.
    He needed people to become afraid and remember that dragons are dangerous creatures. He came up with a plan to anger the dragon and have the people become scared so that the gods would have no choice but to kill the dragon.
     Zeus spent all his spare time thinking of how he would execute his plan. So much so that even the other gods grew worried and asked him what was troubling him.
    “Me, troubled? No, I’ve just got a lot going on right now,” Zeus lied in a distracted tone.
    “Okay, if you say so,” replied Poseidon, his brother, leaving him to his thoughts.
   After much thought, Zeus finally had a “foolproof plan, as the mortals call it,” thought Zeus. His plan was to have one of the troublesome winds of the prairie steal the Dragon’s fire crystal; which allowed him to talk as well as breathe fire when needed. Simultaneously sending a prophet to declare: “the Dragon will lose his ability to speak and is becoming evil and will destroy us all.”
    So Zeus set his plan into action sending both the fairy and the prophet each to do the instructions they had been given. When the crystal was returned to him, he sent it to be buried deep underground in the vast prairie.
    Once completed, Zeus’s plan worked even better than he had dared hope. The men became suspicious and wary of the dragon. And upon finding that his ability to speak was gone, the once revered dragon became bitter and angry, vowing to destroy all who were responsible.
    Upon hearing this, Zeus sent a messenger to place the blame of the stolen crystal on the mortals that had turned away from Zeus for the knowledge of the dragon.
    As soon as the dragon heard this, he declared that, even without his flame, he would destroy all created by of men and beasts.
    The gods, torn with indecision, finally chose to defend the mortals from the dragon, knowing that his wrath would not stop even after destroying all manner of living things.
 After a long and hard battle, the gods manage to defeat the dragon and cause him to disappear. What they didn’t know was that the dragon realized he had been tricked and vowed to destroy the gods and everything they had created.

    You can still see the dragon today. He spends his time searching mostly from early spring to late fall—searching for his crystal. His appearance is now a swirling cloud of dust and debris, and he is called by his name, “Tornado”.

Friday, March 3, 2017

The Songs, Movies, and Books Tag

๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘Well I have been tagged again. ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘
here we go!
1. A song that describes you in some way]
"Turn the page", metallica

2. A movie that inspires you 
Image result for avengers age of ultron
3. A book that the main character is like you
hal mikkelson; The Brotherband Chronicles

Image result for brotherband chronicles book 1

4. A song that you love
hall of fame the script

5. A movie you love
Image result for how to train your dragon 2 

6. A book you love
either Insignia or Ranger's apprentice book 10
Image result for insignia book      Image result for ranger's apprentice book 10
Both of these books left me speechless 

7. A song you do not like
Any song that has anything to do with Justin Bieber 

8. A movie you do not like
I don't like romantic movies  

9. A book you do not like
Image result for a series of unfortunate events book ... ๐Ÿ˜‘
10. A song that makes you happy
Centuries fall out boy

11. A movie that freaked you out

Image result for hunger games mockingjay part 2
12. A book that made you cry

Image result for catalyst s j kincaid

13. A song you listen to a lot when you were younger
what does the fox say and akbar by jeffrey dalles 

14. A movie you watched a lot when you were younger
winnie the pooh

15. A book you read a lot when you were younger
Calvin and hobbes 

16. A song that irritates you 
Everything is awesome,lego movie 

17. A movie that kept you on the edge of your seat
Image result for star wars 3

18. A book that left you breathless
Image result for michael vey cell 25ORImage result for how to train your dragon book 12